30-Mile Enhanced Gravel Solo2019-01-19T12:25:14+00:00

30 Miles

The event for the unconvinced

Our 30-mile event starts and finishes at the Forestville Basecamp. As soon as we get the course finalized (spring 2019) we’ll post a sample GPX file. Make sure you read and are familiar with our self-supported ethos. We take it seriously, and so should you.

Key points

• GPS mandatory
• No course markings.
• Race Director will provide a course file, you will load on the GPS, and follow.
Required gear checklist provided.
• Pre-race gear check performed, if anything is missing you will be DQ’d.
• 12-hour time limit.
• Racer Meeting: Friday night, TBD
• Race start: Saturday, 8:00am
• Mid-route cutoff time TBD.
• Course previews, files, and updates will be provided early spring 2019.

Download the 30-mile GPX file

Some users and web browsers have issues with GPX files. We will assist in loading onto your GPS unit at Basecamp on Friday night. Until then if you’re having issues call your techy friend who has done this before. This is not the final GPX file and is only a sample, but close enough for scouting, recon and general course knowledge. It’s close, but not quite exact.