40 Miles

The event for the unconvinced


An Enhanced Gravel Loop beginning and ending at the Forestville Basecamp. In our opinion, a perfect introduction to the community.


All event participants are required to follow the self-supported ethos, take photos at checkpoints and to abide by the rules. GPS is mandatory. The course is not marked. Recommended gear lists are provided and may be updated prior to the race.

Our 40-mile event starts and finishes at the Forestville Basecamp. Make sure you read and are familiar with our self-supported ethos. We take it seriously, and so should you.


You will be provided a booklet in lieu of a number plate. Traditional race plates are dead to us. Think of your passport as your number plate. DO NOT LOSE IT. You might be required to show it at checkpoints, if Todd surprises you and shows up. The passport will contain helpful information such as: recommended gear checklist, the rules, course information, bail point information, and more. We can guarantee 69% of the information provided is accurate.


2020 is the year of EX (Extra-Enhanced). CrusherEX events are accomplished solo (not recommended, or in small groups). You’ll be genuinely self-supported, or will coordinate your own support crew. All courses begin and end at the same trailhead.

Date: Complete your CrusherEX event anytime between July 1st – October 1st, 2020.

Where: All events leave from the Forestville Trailhead Rustic Campground (Google it).

Time: You can start any time, just think it through, and understand how it impacts when you might be in the dark.

Beacons: We are working with Trackleaders to provide Beacons to racers who wish to use one. If you own a beacon, Trackleaders can connect your device to our map. When we have a link to their activation form, we’ll place it here. We will need your help forecasting how many devices we will need at one time as we work our way through the summer. Please indicate via our survey when you plan to do your CrusherEX here.

Checkpoint selfies: This is important. Selfies are required at specific checkpoints. Your passport will contain all the info.  Checkpoint selfies will be required with your ride file to verify completion of your CrusherEX event. Email to: todd@906adventureteam.com.

Ride file: Email your ride file to us upon completion of your CrusherEX event. We may be able to use your tracker file assuming you used one, and assuming it worked.


225EX = 36 hours

100EX Run = 36 hours

100EX Bike = 24 hours

50EX Run = 24 hours

40EX = 12 hours

Team = 12 hours


Not provided.


      • GPS IS MANDATORY… but we won’t know if you don’t have one.
      • GPX-files will be provided by the event prior to race day.
      • The course IS NOT MARKED.
      • Cell service is unreliable, if not impossible.



Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

Adventure is OPEN. Crusher is ON.

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