You crushed the MS. Now what?
Why not take a shot at an EX course? Picture the washed out road… and imagine that for 40 miles 🤣
What’s the worst that can happen? I promise one thing. You’ll have stories to tell!
The first 30days of EX-mas
We’ve had a pretty damn good start this year. Weather has been good (which really depresses me) but the season is young 😈 Our estimates show about 100 people have crushed it in July. The EX225 has an impressive 80% success rate thus far. Five people have attempted the 50NFR… one has finished. It’s burly. Biklepack routes have been popular with the few who have explored em’. The bugs should continue to diminish as we move into August… and September is always a great time of year to ride up here. Lots of time left to crush it.
Beacon reservations
Y’all have been real good about giving me advance notice and getting equipment back on time. For those of you who havent been good… I’ll get you back 🤣🤣🤣 The general rule is “we need 14-days to reserve a beacon” but I am willing to make exceptions when equipment is available. I would much rather have a beacon on you than not. I can’t promise equipment will be available if you’re inside 14-days but I will do what I can to set you up.
Nothing has changed. All the same. Download your files
Get them to us asap! Include a link to your ride and all selfies!
Leave No Trace
Crushers come a lot of ground and touch a lot of land. The it better than you found it. Please, review the LNT guidelines in the passport and do your part to care for the course.
Boring reminders
Don’t come up here unprepared. Carry all of thte gear. Read the passport. Fully comprehend what you are getting yourself into. Talk to people who have done it. You are self-supported. No one is out there to save you.