Here’s your weekly Crusher update!
What happened last week? 
Well, some folks really crushed it. 67 year-old Tom McCurley returned for redemption after getting #crushed twice on the EX225 in 2020. Age is a number, folks. Speaking of #redemption… Kyle #crushed it all the way to mile 209 a couple weeks ago before pulling the plug 😳 but he came back this weekend and got the job done. Laura and Dennis had an interesting experience out there on the EX100 😂 Here’s a tip for y’all – don’t send your support crew down Northwestern Road. It’s enhanced. Ask Laura’s mom and dad. In all seriousness though… if you send your support crew out there you better be darn well sure they can get themself out. Remember… the EX courses are remote. Participants and support crews need to exercise caution. Life can go sideways fast out there. 
What’s going on this week? 
Looks like we have ten beacons reserved for the weekend (as of this morning). If you’re heading out on the EX225 be advised there’s been an update to the GPX file. Download a fresh file from the link at the bottom of this update. Nothing major. We addressed a navigational issue around the MTU property. 
If you just signed up
This post should bring you up to speed but make sure you read the passport front to back as well. Here’s a link to the original EX season kickoff post from a month ago: https://crushergravel.com/crusher-passport-2022/ 
I #crushed it – now what? 
SUBMIT YOUR RESULTS. Refer to the passport for instructions and get the info over to us asap: events@906adventureteam.com Results are being updated on a weekly basis. Here’s a link to the results page on the website: https://crushergravel.com/details/results/ 
Reserving a beacon
I need the info as far in advance as possible. I will try to take care of last minute requests but there’s no promises. You need to email the following info to me:
Leave No Trace
Crushers come a lot of ground and touch a lot of land. The it better than you found it. Please, review the LNT guidelines in the passport and do your part to care for the course.
Boring reminders
Don’t come up here unprepared. Carry all of thte gear. Read the passport. Fully comprehend what you are getting yourself into. Talk to people who have done it. You are self-supported. No one is out there to save you.
Seasonal considerations 
With July behind us the bugs will continue to improve. They weren’t bad at all last weekend. It can change but as a general rule things will continue to improve (as it relates to bugs). Daylight will begin to diminish from now until EX ends 9.30.2022. Just keep that in mind when planning to crush it later in the season. Average temps will fall too. It’s VERY common for temps to go from 80-90 degrees during the day down to 40-50 degrees at night. It’s almost a damn guarantee. As a rule… look at the predicted overnight lows and subtract at least 10 more degrees.