Self-supported Ethos
You are on your own. No one is out there to save you. The course is not signed. GPS is required. Cell service cannot be depended on. You are responsible for your preparation, choices, and outcomes. If you are not comfortable with this level of personal accountability stay home. In an emergency you will call 911. 
News & Notes
The Peshekee Grade is OPEN after being closed for most of July while a bridge was repaired. Make sure to relay this information to your support crews (if applicable). 
Northwestern Road: Be advised there is a lot of logging activity and heavy equipment moving around. This is relevant for the EX100 and EX225. The road is also “enhanced” in some sections. Exercise caution. Ride with front and rear lights. Be smart. 
NO CHANGES to the passport or any routes
What’s going on this week? 
As I write this update we have four riders on course doing the EX100 and two riders doing the EX40. We have a total of 28 beacons reserved for the week (Monday – Sunday). 
If you just signed up
This post should bring you up to speed but make sure you read the passport front to back as well. 
You should also consider joining the Crusher Enhanced Gravel Discussions group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/466926573872814
I #crushed it – now what? 
SUBMIT YOUR RESULTS. Refer to the passport for instructions and get the info over to us asap: events@906adventureteam.com Results are being updated on a weekly basis. Here’s a link to the results page on the website: https://crushergravel.com/details/results/ 
Reserving a beacon
I need the info as far in advance as possible. So far this summer I have been able to fulfill all beacon requests. 
Leave No Trace
Crushers come a lot of ground and touch a lot of land. The it better than you found it. Please, review the LNT guidelines in the passport and do your part to care for the course.
Seasonal considerations 
With July behind us the bugs will continue to improve. They weren’t bad at all last weekend. It can change but as a general rule things will continue to improve (as it relates to bugs). Daylight will begin to diminish from now until EX ends 9.30.2022. Just keep that in mind when planning to crush it later in the season. Average temps will fall too. It’s VERY common for temps to go from 80-90 degrees during the day down to 40-50 degrees at night. It’s almost a damn guarantee. As a rule… look at the predicted overnight lows and subtract at least 10 more degrees.