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Prepare for an EX (Extra-Enhanced) 2020 Crusher experience.

Take The Crusher EX Survey

If you have not heard, the 2020 format is modified. Here are a few highlights:

No mass gathering July 18-19.

  • Solo or small groups can complete their EX adventure anytime between July 1 – October 1, 2020.
  • All courses begin and end at the same trailhead (Forestville) to ease logistics.
  • Passports, GPX-files, and other valuable content will be available beginning July 1, 2020.
  • 2020 content will only be shared with Crushers who declare for the EX version this year. More details TBD.
  • Working with Trackleaders to have a small inventory of Trackers on-hand for those who want to use one.
  • Following completion and verification of your accomplishment by our race team – you will receive custom CrusherEX swag (Ti Mug, CrusherEX hat) by the end of the year (passport too).

Declare your intent for CrusherEX 2020.

The purpose of this update is to determine what you plan to do. Will you opt-in for CrusherEX? Defer to 2021? Donate your entry? Turn your entry into a credit toward future 906 events? You can decide between now and June 30, 2020. At that time anyone not responding or declaring their intent will be assumed to participating in CrusherEX this year. This is an important step for us to determine how many beacons we might need, passports, etc. Take two-minutes and follow the directions below.

Adventure doesn’t begin until shit goes wrong.

Lacking eloquence – let me say 2020 has been a dumpster fire. As a Race Director, Non-Profit leader, and Founder of the 906 Adventure Team I have observed an ever-changing landscape for events, communities, and our country. My email has been overrun with corporate messages from people I’ve never met telling me “We’re in this together” and “Stay home, Stay safe” among other things. Celebrities have become the spokespeople for “getting through this together”. What do any of them know about me? Nothing.

The world isn’t safe. Wasn’t before Covid and won’t be after it. We all have choices to make and I respect whatever you choose to do – and we (906AT and our events) will model adaptability, resilience, tenacity, and the force of will required to navigate intelligently while moving forward. The Crusher ethos has always been “Self-Support”. This is our moment to shine, and through adapting, possibly inspire others to do the same.

Enough from me. You have a decision to make.
– Todd.

Please indicate your intentions at this survey:

Take The Crusher EX Survey

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.
Posted 5.19.20

Dear Crushers,

You signed up for Crusher – a self-supported adventure through Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Da U.P.  accounts for 30% of Michigan’s land mass and only 3% of its population. The backcountry is wild; full of barely-maintained logging roads, jeep trails, and singletrack. Gravel too, but not ordinary gravel. Enhanced.

Many races have cancelled or moved to the fall – we’re not going to do that. You’ll have a few options, which we’ll get to, but first a couple things. As Yvon pointed out – when everything goes wrong – that’s when adventure starts. Crusher was made for this moment, and we want to give everyone something epic to rally around. This has never been a race, it has always been an adventure about friends and bikes. When shit gets sporty, Crushers crush it.

There will be no mass gathering on the originally scheduled weekend. Participants will be able to complete their CrusherEX anytime between July 1st – October 1st, 2020*. You can choose to do it solo or with a small group of friends.

* Crushers are welcome to take unregistered friends along with them – they just won’t be recognized as a CrusherEX finisher or get the mug and  t-shirt unless they register.

** We will begin issuing gpx-files and passport info July 1st. The date assumes we are no longer under stay-at-home orders and small groups of ten or less can gather. If both conditions are not met we will not issue event assets. If we are able to release the info sooner, we will.

*** Race assets will only be provided to people on the registered racer list on The information will not be available on the website or to the general public. This is your mission.

The situation is fluid.Here’s what we know now.

Ok. We want to give you as much time as possible to be successful – so we’re getting you what we can. You’ll get more info, and we’ll get the site updated within a couple of weeks. The recommended gear has been updated ( Course descriptions, the rules, and more will be updated soon. I’ve shared some videos via Facebook and Instagram – check em’ out. If you have questions, call Todd (906-748-0034). He tries but cannot possibly keep track of every message, email, and social media comment.

 What’s with the EX at the end of Crusher?

 EX means Extra Enhanced. You and your friends will roll like OG Crushers – unsupported. Are you up for the challenge? If it makes you nervous, call me and we can talk through it (906-748-0034). I’ll do everything I can to help you prepare for the challenge. Frankly, I think it’s just the kind of distraction and goal we all needed right now. So, let’s be clear. EX simply means Extra Enhanced, and applies to anyone completing their Crusher event this year.

225-Mile Course Modification

We’ve been in contact with friends in the Keweenaw. Understandably, Copper Harbor is not real stoked about 200+ people visiting from all over the country based on where we stand today. We have no idea what will change, or in what direction it will go between now and July – so we have made the decision not to go to Copper Harbor this year. 225-mile racers will start and end at the Forestville Trailhead located in North Marquette (2019 Crusher Basecamp). The modified course will highlight the best of the worst from Crushers past (2016, 2017, 2018). You won’t find a more legit wilderness experience.

If you paid for a shuttle to Copper Harbor we’re gonna refund it.

 This sorta freaks me out. What are my options?

Option #1: Yay Adventure! I’m gonna finish my Crusher before October 1st, 2020.

Option #2: Defer my entry to 2021.

Option #3: Donate my entry to support the non-profit and youth adventure.

Option #4: Use your entry for a future 906AT event (Polar Roll, Crusher, Marji).

What can you tell us about the 2020 courses?


CrusherEX 225

Start/End in Marquette at the same location. It’s one giant, wild-ass loop full of enhanced gravel, river crossings, and wildlife. Super remote. One town at 140-miles. Lots of water sources. Climb Michigan’s highest point. Prepare to see no one and not have cell service. This is the getaway you’ve been needing. We recommend doing it with friends, or an enemy. Capture checkpoint selfies, complete the route in 36-hours or less, and get us a copy of your ride file.

Relay Teams – Y’all should pick a different category this year and do one of the solo events together. Relay options will return next year or you can defer till then.

CrusherEX 100 (Bike/Run)

Start/End in Marquette at the same location. 2020 route will be very similar to last year. It’s one giant, wild-ass loop full of enhanced gravel, river crossings, and wildlife. Super remote. You will not go through any towns. 100% off the grid. Capture checkpoint selfies, complete the route in 24-hours or less, and get us a copy of your ride file. Runners have 30-hours to complete their adventure.

CrusherEX 40

Start/End in Marquette at the same location. 2020 route will be very similar to last year – but longer. It’s a wild-ass loop full of enhanced gravel, a river crossing, and wildlife. Super remote. You will not go through any towns. 100% off the grid. Capture checkpoint selfies, complete the route in 12-hours or less, and get us a copy of your ride file.


Game on. You have to start from the Forestville Trailhead and return there within 12-hours. We’ll get you the passport, checkpoints, and mostly accurate information. You’ll have 12-hours to collect as many checkpoints as possible, as quickly as possible. Capture checkpoint selfies and get us a copy of your ride file.

50-Mile Wilderness Run

We’re evaluating some “enhancements”. Stay tuned.

Will completing my event count toward the Triple Crown?

YES. Please visit for full Triple Crown details and a list of qualifying Crusher events.


We removed all surcharges from the transfer function. You can change categories, or sell your registration to another adventurous soul. Execute transfers through You can do it any time between now and October 1st.

Beacons from Trackleaders

As of today, May 16th, 2020, we plan to rent beacons from Trackleaders. You’ll need to connect with Todd when you get to town and he’ll set you up. Follow the directions and your family and friends should be able to keep tabs of your progress online while you complete the CrusherEX. We’ll share as we get more information.

2020 Results

When it comes to results The Crusher does things a little different. We’ll do the best we can to sort and share results as folks complete their CrusherEX events, but for us it boils down to two things: Green Dots and Red Dots. Did you finish (green dot), or did you not (red dot). Crusher has always been about you, the bike, and a few friends. No number plates. No mass start. Not a bunch of rules. Just the adventure, obstacles, and a will to overcome them. It’s not about how fast you can do it, it’s just about being able to say you did it!

Bikepacking in October

If you are a Crusher and finish the 2020 EX event, we invite you to preview the 2021 225-mile course from Copper Harbor back to Marquette. While we work through 2020 we are evaluating an enhanced route from Copper Harbor for next year! We invite you to come up and ride the course with us casually over a long weekend at no cost. We’ll create the game plan – you just need to show up ready to crush it. More details to be released this summer. Keep this on your radar.

“The word adventure has gotten overused. For me, when everything goes wrong – that’s when adventure starts.” - Yvon Chouinard