Crusher 2023

CRUSHER-EX SELF-SUPPORTED. YOU'RE ON YOUR OWN. THERE'S NO ONE OUT THERE TO SAVE YOU 07.01.23 - 09.30.23 An enhanced gravel experience for the #uncivilized The Crusher welcomes all [...]

9.12.22 EX Update

9.12.2022   BEACONS!!! If you’re planning to CRUSH it between now and next Monday the 19th your beacon(s) will be ready for pickup tonight. You’re welcome to stop by and pickup any time. If [...]

8.29.22 EX Update

8.28.2022   BEACONS!!! Some beacons are still available if ya wanna get out there and Crush it this weekend. You need to be registered, download the gpx file, and get the passport.    Then [...]

8.16.22 EX Update

08.16.2022 45-DAYS LEFT TO CRUSH IT!!! REGISTER HERE:  It took a while but Crushers finally got a taste of what a little bit of weather can do to the course. Hint: Mud. Lots of [...]

8.09.22 EX Update

08.09.2022    Self-supported Ethos You are on your own. No one is out there to save you. The course is not signed. GPS is required. Cell service cannot be depended on. You are responsible [...]

8.02.22 EX Update

08.02.2022    Here’s your weekly Crusher update!     What happened last week?  Well, some folks really crushed it. 67 year-old Tom McCurley returned for redemption after getting #crushed twice on the EX225 in [...]

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