CRUSHER 22’: ROUTES (Click To View) 
Disclaimer: As of the release of the info contained in this post (6.03.2022 at 9:37am) the routes as shown are still under review by the MI-DNR and USFS. We are providing the routes to help you wrap your head around what you got yourself into 😂 but you should not attempt to recon the routes until we give y’all the green light. If you choose to disregard our request and find yourself on the business end of a 12-gauge.. you can’t say we didn’t warn ya!
MS = Mass Start routes. MS events will run 07.16.2022 – 07.17.2022.
EX = EX-pedition routes. EX events will run 07.01.2022 – 09.30.2022.
Now listen… this is important.
The Crusher has continued to evolve since it’s grassroots beginnings in 2014. The EX format helped us provide an exciting new self-supported event format for people in 2020. Over 1,000 people did the Crusher during the summer of 2020. This spring we were faced with a decision: Now that we can gather again – what should we do with the EX format. We’ve had many conversations with people who prefer the EX format over MS, so we have decided to run them both and will continue to offer both as long as people continue to show enough interest in them. All of that said, we want the MS and EX events to offer distinctly different experiences and opportunities for a wide range of people.
MASS START routes will be created from traditional gravel. Think of it this way… you’ll be riding what you would expect to ride at a gravel event. The caveat is this… it’s the U.P. and the routes are remote. You still have to subscribe to the self-supported ethos. You still have to carry the recommended gear. You still have to be prepared for a wild experience. You still have to know how to navigate. MS is a great first step for those who are not ready to dive straight into EX. We anticipate average speeds to hit 15mph and faster for the racers and 10-15mph for just about everyone else. The cutoff for the MS175 & MS100 will be 24-hours. The MS40 and Teams will have 12-hours. All MS courses will be gravel bike friendly. You will still be required to collect checkpoints. If you don’t like that – stay home.
EX-pedition routes are were born from the pandemic. Each route is a true self-supported experience. You decide when you go. You decide who goes with you. You’re legitimately on your own. This format has been popular with folks who aren’t attracted to big events, or those who have never signed up for a race. EX = adventure. EX is about stepping outside your comfort zone – doing something that legitimately scares you. We feel confident any time you line up to tackle an EX route you have a 50/50 chance of not finishing it. You can’t say that about many events. We know we can finish most of the stuff we sign up to do. The same cannot be said about Crusher. It’s unlike any experience most people have had. The routes are remote, lonely, and intentionally brutal. We tell ya right up front “don’t chase pain, it will find you”. Once you get a taste of this type of event and the community it has created… it’s hard to go back to “normal” events.
And finally… we want to remind everyone Crusher is a production of the 906 Adventure Team, a 501c3 Non-Profit based in Marquette, Michigan. Our mission is to empower people to discover the best version of themselves through outdoor adventure. We are not a corporate run for-profit event entity who bottom line is profit-driven. Our bottom line is driven by change – positive change. To that end we believe offering two distinctly different Crusher formats is a decision that best serves the community at-large. You’re all Crushers in our book.