Incident and Emergency Plan


CrusherEX Statement: Participants who opt into the EX events must realize they are completely on their own. All EX courses are remote, rugged , and difficult to access by vehicle. We advise against solo attempts and recommend everyone utilize a small group format to complete their event. Failure to enter the EX course fully prepared and equipped could have dire consequences. Do not under estimate the difficulty of this event. Once on-course you are the only one who can get yourself out of there.

Self-Supported: This race operates as a self-supported adventure. Road rules apply. The race does not operate aid stations. Volunteers do not cover road crossings. Racers are on their own and must fend for themselves. They can receive food/water from friends or family but no other assistance is permissible unless received from a fellow racer (mechanical).

Racer Director: Todd Poquette, 906-748-0034 or

Search and Rescue:

  1. All emergency response will be handled by Search and Rescue.
  2. In case of emergency all calls will be directed to 911 with central dispatch handling asset coordination.
  3. Racers are advised ROAD RULES APPLY.

GPX File*

The event will provide a GPX file for participants to use as a primary source of navigation. Participants are advised GPS units are required and the race director assumes no responsibility for those who fail to follow the rules. Adventure Race Teams will not receive a GPX file.

Self-Supported Ethos

You will be expected to abide by the self-supported ethos. You are on your own. You accept responsibility for your preparation, choices, and outcome. Solo events will utilize GPS navigation. GPS is a mandatory gear item. You’ll also be expected to pass a gear check to confirm you have all required gear. A list of required gear is found within the website. Road rules apply, you will not find happy smiling volunteers stopping traffic. In case of emergency dial 911. 225-mile participants can pay for the supported event package that includes a tracking beacon from Trackleaders, the beacon allows people to track the racer real-time online.




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