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9.12.22 EX Update

9.12.2022   BEACONS!!! If you’re planning to CRUSH it between now and next Monday the 19th your beacon(s) will be ready for pickup tonight. You’re welcome to stop by and pickup any time. If you are currently on the list you should have received an email and text from us this morning. If you decide to CRUSH it last [...]

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8.29.22 EX Update

8.28.2022   BEACONS!!! Some beacons are still available if ya wanna get out there and Crush it this weekend. You need to be registered, download the gpx file, and get the passport.    Then email todd@906adventureteam.com the following info: NAME EMAIL PHONE EVENT DATE START TIME*   * Telling me you plan to start at 6:00ish doesn’t work. We need exact [...]

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8.23.22 EX Update

8.23.3 36 folks plan to CRUSH it this week. A group of 20 coaches and youth from the Adventure Team are headed out tomorrow. We have a couple people headed out to bikepack the 300 and about 20 more tackling various distances this weekend.   The forecast is looking good… for now. Remember to be ready for anything. Bring all [...]

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8.16.22 EX Update

08.16.2022 45-DAYS LEFT TO CRUSH IT!!! REGISTER HERE: https://www.bikereg.com/the-crusher#Register  It took a while but Crushers finally got a taste of what a little bit of weather can do to the course. Hint: Mud. Lots of MUD… but that didn’t stop Kiko and his bmx bike from crushing the EX225, or Shawn from crushing his goal 10-months after open heart surgery, [...]

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8.09.22 EX Update

08.09.2022    Self-supported Ethos You are on your own. No one is out there to save you. The course is not signed. GPS is required. Cell service cannot be depended on. You are responsible for your preparation, choices, and outcomes. If you are not comfortable with this level of personal accountability stay home. In an emergency you will call 911.  [...]

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8.02.22 EX Update

08.02.2022    Here’s your weekly Crusher update!     What happened last week?  Well, some folks really crushed it. 67 year-old Tom McCurley returned for redemption after getting #crushed twice on the EX225 in 2020. Age is a number, folks. Speaking of #redemption… Kyle #crushed it all the way to mile 209 a couple weeks ago before pulling the [...]

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