The Crusher EX Merchandise

CrusherEX gear is here! Before you run off and secure yours, a few housekeeping details are in order. If you’ve earned your green dot, we’ll send you a code to be used in the 906AT gear store to claim your Ti mug and Crusher trucker hat. If you finished but haven’t received a code, email Tara. While you’re in the store grab a shirt, some socks, and a few stickers. The Borah Teamwear store is open. This will be your last chance to grab Crusher cycling gear in 2020.
Both stores will close October 4th, 2020. We expect orders from the 906AT gear store to ship around November 1, 2020. Orders placed with Borah likely will not ship until mid-November. Please note: The Borah sizes run small.

EX Shirt

EX Patch Hat

EX Patch

“Kansas” Shirt

Crusher Socks

Crusher EX Sticker

Crusher Sticker 2

Crusher Sticker 3

Crusher Titanium Mug

Crusher Men’s Jersey

Crusher Women’s Jersey