This thing costs how much?

Figuring out the entry fee for a race is no easy task. And, you’re probably not surprised to hear we get feedback on the numbers (not all of it positive) from time to time. So we thought we’d explain a little bit about how we set fees.

Why does The Crusher 225 cost $1 per mile?

Running an event isn’t cheap. Let’s look at just some of the costs 906 Adventure Team incurs for just one event each year:

  • Reserving two campgrounds, toilets, tents: $6,000
  • Beacons and timing: $25,000
  • Two shuttle busses to Copper Harbor: $2,500
  • Passports, titanium mugs: $8,750
  • Insurance, fuel, signage, food at aid stations & basecamp: $5,000
  • Marketing, website construction, hosting, maintenance, design: $15,000

By our estimate, $150 of your $225 entry fee is eaten by just these costs.

So where does the rest of the money go?

While a lot of races out there are run by for-profit companies, that’s not the case for Crusher, Marji Gesick & Polar Roll. All of our events are productions of the 906 Adventure Team, a 501(c)3 whose mission is to empower people to become the best version of themselves through outdoor adventure. We don’t have a large staff of people (two, to be exact) or significant overhead, and that enables us to donate a significant portion of race revenues in two ways:

  1. Since 2015, we’ve given back more than $110,000 to local trail-builders.
  2. We also support youth adventure programs in three communities, investing over $35,000 this year in equipment, training, and gear to remove barriers for all kids. Our summer and after-school programs now have over 350 participants, and spots fill up as quickly as Marji Gesick. There is a need we’re trying to fill: to connect kids with their communities and get them off devices.

But isn’t this thing unsupported?

In reality, it’s probably the most-supported unsupported event you’ll ever do. We honor every rider, from elites like Tinker Juarez to the last person across the line. U.P. communities roll out the red carpet and treat racers like family. So while we won’t hold your hand, we promise to educate you, help you plan, and answer questions as you prepare for each epic adventure we’ve devised. And there’s a good chance you’ll find more help than you anticipated – from official aid stations to trail angels – along the way.

And for comparison sake:

Chicago marathon: $205

Leadville 100: $488

Breck Epic: $449 -$999

Ironman: $685 -$795

Badwater $1,495

RAAM: $3,055




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