1. Have fun! Enjoy the adventure!
  2. Crusher is a self-supported event. You are responsible for you.
  3. Carry the right gear for the task at hand.
  4. Road Rules apply. Do not get hit by a car, cause an accident or mayhem.
  5. Approved cycling helmets must be worn at all times.
  6. You must have a GPS unit. NO exceptions.
  7. Cut-off times:
    1. 225 miles – Out of L’Anse and gone by 2:00 AM Sunday, finish in Forestville 5:30 PM Sunday.
    2. 50 mile run – finish by 5:30 AM Sunday.
    3. 100 mile bike – finish by 5:30 AM Sunday.
    4. 30 mile bike – 8:00 PM Saturday.
  8. The team that completes the course in the least amount of time after Penalties/Bonuses wins.
    1. Teams must stick together at all times – no split checkpoints.
    2. Teams must reach at least 4 of the 8 checkpoints to finish.
    3. There are 4 mandatory checkpoints.They are labeled with RED text in the passport.
    4. Teams may reach checkpoints in any order.
    5. Time penalties/bonuses are as follows:
      1. 4 checkpoints +0hr penalty
      2. 5 checkpoints -2hr bonus
      3. 6 checkpoints -3.25hr total bonus
      4. 7 checkpoints -3.5hr total bonus
      5. 8 checkpoints -6hr total bonus
    6. The following road(s)/trail(s) are OFF-LIMITS:
      1. CR 550/Big Bay Rd north of Harlow Lake Road, in its entirety.
  9. You MUST respect private land. Do not trespass unless the passport expressly allows it.
  10. Neutral assistance is allowed from locals and other racers. Neutral being defined as offered equally to everyone!
  11. Competitors can stock up on supplies at a C-store, restaurant, community aid stations, etc.
  12. In the event they leave the course for any reason, competitors must return to the same point they left the course and begin from there. (Teams are exempt here – they have no course!)
  13. The race director reserves the right to disqualify teams for any reason deemed by race officials to be unsportsmanlike or otherwise against the spirit of the event and its self-supported ethos.
  14. Checkpoints are landmark based. You’ll be required to take a picture per the checkpoint descriptions in the Passport.
  15. Take your Passports to the Basecamp tent upon completion of the event to be officially logged with a finishing time.




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