The Week Of Salsa

October 11 – 17
We’ve got a HUGE box of Salsa gear to give away (thanks, Salsa!) and all you’ve gotta to is participate. Each day the week of October 11 we’ll post a different challenge to our Facebook Page. All you’ve gotta do is post a pic in the comments with the hashtag #adventurebybike and #906adventureteam. The following week we’ll announce the winners and send ya your gear. Get your submissions ready, here’s the challenges:

Sunday: Best photo from a water hazard.

Monday: Best crusher sunrise photo.

Tuesday: Best bad weather photo or video.

Wednesday: Best on-course wildlife photo.

Thursday: Best collection of 906AT merchandise (shirts, race plates, stickers, tokens etc).

Friday: Best on-course group photo

Saturday: Best young crusher photo (5-17 years old)