The Final Countdown

Thursday, July 18, 2019, 8:00 AM


  1. You are self-supported.
  2. Must pass gear check.
  3. Must be able to pass random on-course gear check.
  4. Will not have cell service most of the time.
  5. Road rules apply.
  6. We did not put up a single sign.
  7. It’s on you to get back to basecamp.


We prefer family, spectators, and creators of Trail Magic stick to the following areas to cheer for, and support ALL racers in the Crusher 225: Houghton/Chutes & Ladders Park, and the Cut-Off checkpoint in L’Anse located on-course at  Bianco Plumbing & Heating. Additional locations can be any point where the course intersects major highways and county roads. All others (100, 50, 30, Team) should stick to locations where the course intersects major highways or county roads. Our permit does not allow for vehicle access to the rest of the course, nor is it in the best interest of the racers to have vehicles on course (safety), and it would take away from the wilderness experience racers seek. Nutrition and hydration can be offered to racers as they pass, as long as it is being made available to ALL racers. The majority of the course is generally inaccessible and dangerous to drive, please follow our recommendations for viewing the event, and your racer(s).


Here is the plan: We have two shuttles for you, one leaving at 12:00pm and the other at 4:00pm. You will travel by school bus, each rated to carry fifty adults comfortably, seventy not as comfortably. They’re offered on a first come, first serve basis. We will not hold a shuttle – they leave at the set times. Both shuttles will be accompanied by a truck/trailer hauling bikes and gear. If you get up there early, your stuff won’t be far behind.

225/50/30/ Team CHECK-IN

Allow enough time to get through check-in. Think TSA. You need to check-in, have your gear checked, talk to our Trackleader beacon specialist, get your bike and gear to the shuttle… it’s going to take time. If you wing into the parking lot five-minutes before the shuttle is supposed to leave you’re gonna miss it, we’re not holding it up.

Have your gear in a box, or a duffel at gear check. Don’t show up with a fully loaded bike and think you’re going to sift through all seventeen packs looking for each item while others sit behind in line… dreaming of strangling you. We need to be efficient and fast.

225/50 BEACONS

Pay attention to what you’re told to do at check-in. Do not lose the beacon. Do not play with the beacon (insert jokes about playing with your beacon). Beacons will be handed out Friday night at your basecamp.

225/50/30/Team RACE CHECK-IN & FINISH

Remember: you must check in before leaving your respective basecamp. You will be marked as “on-course”, and when you return to check-in “finisher”. Failure to check-in will result in a DQ. You are on the clock at the time your race is scheduled to start. Example: Your event is scheduled to start at 5:30am. At 5:30am you are on the clock. Let’s say you had too many 51Ks Friday night and you decide to sleep until 7:00. That’s cool, dude. But your time started at 5:30am.


225 participants should bring water or plan on filling at the Copper Harbor Welcome Center/Trailhead. There is water at the campground, but our intel tells us that it ain’t great.

L’Anse | Terrene Tires

Tim and Odia Krueger are awesome, and have offered to man and woman a neutral support point in L’Anse from 12:00pm Saturday until 2:00am Sunday (the cutoff). You will likely see the race director and some of our race staff there throughout the day as well. Checkpoint is at approximately 710 E Broad St, L’Anse, MI 49946 by Bianco Plumbing & Heating.


Enjoy the weekend at Forestville basecamp before and after the event. Wait for racers to arrive from Copper Harbor and McCormick Tract. If you think of it, bring something to share in the cook tent. We’ll be slinging dogs, brats, and grilled cheese Saturday and Sunday, but would gladly accept your contributions to the party.


TRACKLEADERS will track 225 and 50-Mile participants here, follow the dots all weekend.


Merchandise will not be sold at basecamp this weekend, but buy your gear now!

Proceeds from all of the gear we sell supports the continuation of youth and adults adventure!


Crusher 225 participant supporter Adam Wint put together this great guide for himself and was generous enough to let us share it with you. Read more.


Salsa sponsored riders Andrea Cohen and Crystal Kovacs are growing our gravel family with five no-drop gravel rides in 2019. We hope to help riders of all walks experience the beauty of a gravel ride and meet others who share the passion. Nobody left behind. No pressure. All are welcome. Read more.


Last week we pubished our “Guide To Crushing” containing important details such as who toe text if you drop out, details on basecamp, and Friday check-in. If you didn’t read it, or need a refresher read it here.


225 and 100-Mile Crushers: Mystery trailer in da woods

Listen up! We’re going to drop a trailer in da woods. It will have a combo lock on it.

The combo is “TODD”

We’re throwing some water on it, and a few snacks. One of y’all had a good idea, a pot luck of sorts. So, if you have something you want on this thing, bring it to check-in Friday and get it to the trailer. Make your own party in da woods. It’s going to be placed late in route for both 225 and 100, you’ll find out where Friday.

The trailer will be dropped on-course Saturday and will remain there until Sunday.


#YPT (Yooper Pro Tip) Carry duct tape and make loops with the sticky side out. Stick to the back/top of your helmet, shoulders, back, etc. Deer flies are attracted to shiny objects and will land on the tape and die. Be prepared to change these out a couple of times during race due to them filling up with the bastards. Trust me, it works.

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